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Experimental classical

The French pianist and composer Christophe Chassol says himself that he steals other people’s ideas and build upon them. By doing that he creates something unique. Since he was just a kid he has been a classically trained musician, but when he came upon YouTube in 2005 his approach changed and he started experimenting with sounds and digital manipulation, learning from all the videos he found there. A lot of this is now part of his music, and as he has said earlier, it’s all made with a big smile. Music should be fun and silly, but a serious kind of fun. The one you can smile, dance and have a good time to, both as artist and listener.

His approach to samples and music in general has fascinated many other musicians the last few years. Chassol has been involved in other bands such as Phoenix and Sebastien Tellier, and after a tip from Diplo who had discovered him through the album Indiamore, he also worked closely with Frank Ocean on his latest album.

Indiamore is the project that we get to see and hear at Oslo World this year as well, and with this project he used his technique “ultrascore” for the first time. For the source material he travelled to Calcutta and Varanasi to film and record sitar players, percussionists, singer, dancers, kids and the general busy city life and traffic noise. The dynamics between the projected movie and Chassol’s performance is the basis for this special concert performance. The sounds from the movie becomes co-musicians in the band and together they create a special creative play we haven’t seen or heard before.

This concert is produced by Riksscenen. Riksscenen is the national scene for folk music and folk dance from all over the world.

Text: Henrik Richter Schie

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