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Eldbjørg Raknes

Babykonsert (0-12 måneder)

If jazz is about rediscovering the childhood, Eldbjørg Raknes is a master of its science. The Norwegian singer is driven by a tremendous curiosity – listening to her music can feel like experiencing the world for the very first time. On the song «Seashell», released on one of her first solo albums, she distorts her voice so that it sounds like of the sound of the sea in a conch.

This playfulness not only defines how she works with her main instrument – the vocal cords – but also where she chooses to work. She has performed in both bars, cathedrals, hospitals, forests, mountain caves, small jazz clubs and big festival stages – not to mention the time she sang in a paraglider. Because of this fundamental attitude, it’s no wonder she takes children’s music very seriously and regards it as an essential part of her artistic activity.

The concert at Sentralen is for babies at the age of 0 – 12 months. In addition to her voice, percussion and live sampling Eldbjørg Raknes invites the kids to participate and make sound. Therefore no one knows what kind of orchestra or choir we will have this day. The babies need a ticket, their companion comes in for free and there is room for 25 babies at the concert.

The concert will be filmed and documented.

Text: Kim Klev

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