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Escalandrum feat. Elena Roger

Piazzolla plays Piazzolla

Escalandrum is among the foremost ambassadors of the Argentinian cultural heritage. The Buenos Aires based jazz ensemble do not only have badges of honor to show for – as winners of both Gardel and Konex, they possess the country’s greatest music awards – but also music and merits.

Since its foundation around the turn of the millennium, Escalandrum has retained its original lineup. Led by composer and drummer Daniel “Pipi” Piazolla, the sextet shares blood with the man behind the Nuevo Tango movement: accordion maestro Astor Piazolla. He revolutionized tango by uniting the genre with classical music and jazz. It’s in this lineage Escalandrum finds itself.

Of their nine albums, two of them are interpretations of grandfather Piazzolla’s classics, while the remainder consists of original material – including their latest full-length, the Elena Roger collaboration «3001». The album marks a sea change for Escalandrum: It’s the first time they have written music with a singer.

The Argentine musical comedy actress has had leading roles at both West End in London and Broadway in New York. When she suggested working with Escalandrum in 2012, she was in the midst of a Broadway adaptation of the evergreen Evita, which is about with the life of Argentinian civil rights icon Eva Péron. Astor Piazolla and Eva Péron laid the first stones. Escalandrum and Elena Roger continue the bridge building where the predecessors left off.

In collaborations with the Argentinian Embassy and PR Producciones 

Text: Kim Klev

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