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Luciano Supervielle (Bajofondo)

Filmatic piano electronica

Just like in chemistry classes in school, it’s always exciting mixing two very different components together. Sometimes nothing happens, sometimes it goes really wrong, and sometimes you might get lucky and end up with something new and exciting; maybe a tiny explosion, or if you’re lucky, something that tastes good. Not only does artist Luciano Supervielle have a beautiful name, he has also come up with his own, unique mix of musical genres. And it sounds like a million dollars.

Born in Paris, Luciano Supervielle later moved to Uruguay where he became a member of Hip Hop outfit Plátano Macho (which means plantain, actually) and later an important member of the world renowned tango collaborative Bajofondo. Using his experience as a classical pianist, he has become known for his beautiful, filmatic soundscapes mixing piano with modern electronica, hip hop and argentinian tango, candombe and milonga.

This year, Luciano will be playing the final concert at Oslo World Music Festival, performing his solo album Suite Para Pinao y Pulso Velado. Enjoy as this world-class pianist invites you on a journey through the feathery light, the deep dramatic, and out into the rythm.

Text: Thea Glenton-Raknes

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