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Futuristic tribal beats

The future is female! When MINA – a 24-year-old rapper based in Quito – spits her fiery verses, she’s thus not only acting on her own behalf. The frustrations of her mother, grandmothers and great grandmothers also seem to come to the surface.

As her musical project is largely about empowerment and liberation from society’s stereotypes, the vanguardist production – credited to Ivis Flies and Mateo Kingman – follows as a logical consequence. In MINA’s sonical universe, furious political hip-hop in the style of Public Enemy is fused with frantic tribal rhythms borrowed from the toolshed of footwork. The result is a sort of futuristic-prehistoric music, as the technological innovations enables the awakening of the subconscious.

Only two singles – «Niña Mala» and «Infesta» – have seen the light of day thus far, and she’s only done live shows for about a year. But MINA has already made her mark. MINA represents a sea change within urban Latin American music.

ID: 20 years

Text: Kim Klev

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