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Rossy de Palma

Love, Travel & resilience

Rossy de Palma challenges what we regard as beauty. As a young woman she moved from Mallorca to Madrid along with her punk band, Peor Impossible («the worst possible»). These were the last years of La Movida Madrileña, the counterculture movement that occurred after Franko’s death in 1975 and gave rise to filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar.

After giving Palma a central role in «Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown» (1988), there was no way back. Since then she has performed in seven of Almodóvars’s films; including yesteryear’s «Julieta», which – like all his movies – gives an unusually complex image of what it’s like to be a woman.

Maybe it’s not so weird Palma is called Almodóvar’s muse: She is an unusually complex woman. Beyond being a model – rather because of than despite her strong physique and crooked face – she is also a performance artist and singer.

As Palma guests this year’s festival it’s under the slogan «Love, Travel & Resilience». Not only will she sing with guitarist Hernan Romero – who’s inspired by both flamenco and Arabic folk music – but also present the short film «Traveling Lady», directed by multimedia artist Jessica Mitrani, and play some songs to the theme Resilience.

«Traveling Lady» is about journalist Ellie Bly (played by Palma), who in the 19th century traveled around the world in record-breaking 72 days. Like Rossy de Palma, she was a woman ahead – and yet very much of – her time.

Text: Kim Klev

Photo: Traveling Lady / Jessica Mitrani

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