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Business to start a change

Freedom to act

In a world were the freedom of political action silently has been replaced by the seductive economic freedom to consume and where political decisions are shaped by economic priorities, it is highly important to also use businesses to bring about change.

The goal of this seminar is to seek out ways in which creativity can assist in reshaping our society. Artists are excellent spokespersons for cultural currents that could trigger change; private companies and organizations are crucial stakeholders in the implementation. Stronger, wiser and more dynamic collaborations between civil society and both private and public sectors are inevitable.

  • Rania Elias (PS) is the director of Yabous Cultural Centre and of the Jerusalem Festival in Jerusalem.  As director of Yabous, she worked on the rehabilitation of Cinema Al Quds, transforming it into the largest cultural center in Jerusalem.
  • Martin Goldschmidt (UK)  is MD and founder of Cooking Vinyl and Chairman of the Cooking Vinyl Group as well as a board member of AIM/Impala, & WIN and most recently, Co-founder of the Palestine Music Expo.
  • Madees Khoury (PS) is the general manager of the family run Palestinian brewery Taybeh Brewing Company and believed to be the only female brewer in the Middle East.
  • Rob Young (moderator) is a writer and journalist, specialising in music, film and art. Contributing Editor at Jazznytt.

In collaboration with Keychange, Brygg Oslo. 

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