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Film Screening: The Wound

- Film screening and artist talk

With The Wound, which screened at, among others, the Sundance and Berlin film festivals, South African director John Trengove gives us a story about masculinity and rituals. In Eastern Cape, South Africa, lives the lonely factory worker Xolani. After taking some days off work, he travels to a remote mountain to assist in a Xhosa-circumcision, a ritual for turning boys into men. Completely isolated from women, the young men learn about the masculine codes of their culture.

In the midst of a harsh and aggressive environment Xolani finds a friend in Kwanda, who quickly discovers Xolani’s carefully concealed secret – that he is in love with a man. The tension builds through Kwanda’s increasing doubts of the patriarchal frameworks of the manhood rituals, and Xolani’s unbearable inner conflict, being pulled between the strong traditional values of the society around him and the acceptance of his own sexual identity.

The screening is followed up by a talk with actor and musician Nakhane, who plays the role of Xolani in The Wound

In collaboration with Film fra sør, Oslo Pride og Skeiv verden. 

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