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We are (all) migrants

Modern humans have lived as nomads for 99% of our history.
Nowadays in a “sedentary world” erected by borders and nation states, there are currently 258 million migrants worldwide, from all regions of the world. Asia is the birthplace of 106 worldwide migrants, followed by Europe as the birthplace of 38 millions of migrants. Only 10.1% of the global migrants are refugees.

Despite the benefits of migration, there is a common tendency of fear of migrants and the need to strengthen borders. In fact, migrants remain among the most vulnerable members of society.

In some cases migration is a decision, a choice, a dream. In other cases it is the only escape, a matter of survival. It is also a way of living, an established life-practice of several communities worldwide. The list grows longer, the variety of reasons is as varied as the number of migrants, without mentioning human slavery and human trafficking.

Migration is not a single story, a migrant is not only a number. This seminar will bring awareness to the complexities of migrants stories to change the narratives of migration, that tend to be hostile to the life of the traveler.  


Solveig Igesund – is a policy advisor on refugee and integration issues in Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA).NPA has run reception centres for refugees in Norway for 30 years, and has volunteers all around the country working with inclusion.

Khaled Barakeh- is a conceptual artist and cultural activist whose works revolve around power structures in the context of politics, identity, culture and history. Currently he is working on the Syrian Biennale, a mobile exhibition that will follow the routes of Syrian refugees from Lebanon to central Europe and beyond.

Dorothée Engel- was born in the Near-East in 1960 and lived in Lebanon and Syria until the age of 18. She studied Arabic, anthropology and history of theater in France. Since 1985 she participates in programming and organizing cultural events at the Institut du monde arabe through a cross-cultural program.

Khaled Harara- was born 1987 in Yemen.He is a renowned Palestinian hip-hop artist who has lived as a refugee in Gaza. His texts discuss the political situation in Palestine from a humanitarian and social perspective and criticise the lack of freedom of expression and the suffering in Palestine.

Moderator: Fabian Mosenson, Sociologist. UBA, FLACSO, NSU. Lecturer on Latin American studies.

In collaboration with Norsk FolkehjelpTranscultural Arts Production – TRAPUltima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival and Samspill International Music Network.

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