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Dancy electro cumbia from Colombia

Imagine yourself dancing atop a colourful riverboat, floating along Colombias lush riverbanks. A fruity drink in your hand, a warm breeze caressing your hair and a big grin on your face, and you have just about captured the vibe of Bogotás own Sidestepper and their latest single “Come See Us Play”.

There are plenty of reasons why you should do exactly that; come see this supergroup perform at Oslo World Music Festival. Not only do they come with a highly pertinent message of celebrating and cultivating love in all its forms; they have decided to go back to the organic, warm roots of dance music on their latest release “Supernatural Love” and pay homage to the great Orquestas which ruled in Colombia, Haiti, Trinidad, Cuba and Africa before the electronic revolution in the eighties and nineties.

Sidestepper was originally the studio project of British producer Richard Blair, who in the early nineties was mixing Latin rythms and melodies into the reigning London drum ‘n bass sound. At this time, Blair was working for Peter Gabriel and his label Real World Records, and traveled to Colombia to record an album with Colombian legend Totó La Monposima. As Blair fell in love with the country and the musicians he met, Sidestepper evolved into a full-blown live band, both highly influential and acclaimed. With their album “3AM in beats we trust” (2003), Sidestepper were named the originators of a new Latin Beats movement. Former members of the band have also gone on to great success with projects like Chocquibtown, Bomba Estereo and Sistema Solar.

Being musical pioneers, this band never get boring. Each release takes a new turn, offering something different. Working on their latest album “Supernatural Love”, Blair and his band found themselves longing away from the trending, homogenous dance music. They sought back to tradition, minimalism and warm, organic instrumentation. As Blair himself puts it; “It felt like the time to go back to basics, a song and a beat, warm sounds and magic players.”

We couldn’t agree more. This is as real, instinctive and dancy as it gets, mixing salsa, cumbia, pop, jazz, afrobeats and more played by great musicians using traditional instruments and just having a great time on stage. Put on your dancing shoes and come join a real Colombian fiesta at Cosmopolite on the 3rd of November!

Text: Thea R

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