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Spoek Mathambo

Township tech from South-African rapper and producer

Spoek Mathambo recently released his first solo album in five years, but the producer, songwriter, designer, filmmaker and rapper has been a very active and acknowledged part of the South-African music scene during all this time.

Even before his musical debut Spoek Mathambo was an important figure in Afrofuturism, which really caught the attention of the world when DJ Mujava released the song Township Funk in 2008. One of the reasons this music reached an international audience was a documentary Mathambo made for Vice, called «Future Sound of Mzansi».

Kwaito drums, traditional and organic instruments with a rough electronic sound and quick rapping in different languages, mixed with more traditional, melodic singing, makes Spoeks music unique and dancy. On his last album «Mzansi Beat Code» Spoek invited various guests to do the vocals and there are now 20 different musicians contributing on the thirteen tracks.

Even though the music is made for a good party the lyrics as well as the samples also make many of the songs quite political. Expect a vibrating dance floor and a strong message when Spoek Mathambo visits Oslo World in november!

ID: 20 years

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