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Susanna ‘Go Dig My Grave’ feat. Giovanna Pessi, Ida Hidle & Erlend Apneseth

Melancholy baroque pop.

Susanna does not fear the dark. Rather, she stares death in the face. «Death hanging over us», she sings on the Norwegian Grammy winning album «Triangle», an existentialist epic about religion and mortality. Those themes suit her voice really well: When Susanna sings, the soundscape is filled with presence as sacral as it is ghostly.

In 2011 Susanna and Giovanna Pessi released the album ‘If Grief Could Wait’ – where they interpreted Purcell, Cohen and Susannas own music. They raised a lot of attention for their unique instrumentation and blend of music from the Baroque, 70ths singer/songwriters and new tunes. At Oslo World 2017 they will perform with a brand new quartet. In addition to vocals and harp, Ida Hidle will be playing the accordion and Erlend Apneseth the Hardanger fiddle. We will hear Susanna and Giovannas interpretations of old and new songs; american folk, old english ballads, texts by Shakespeare and Baudelaire, as well as songs by Joy Division and Lou Reed.

At Oslo World we will have the opportunity to descend into Susanna’s mystical and mythological universe, where she will lead the journey just as Virgil leads Dante through the underworld in the Divine Comedy.

Susanna- vocals

Giovanna Pessi- baroque harp

Ida L. Hidle- accordian

Erlend Apneseth – Hardanger fiddle

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