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Åpningsfest: Ministry of Dub-Key

Palestinian dub collective

The Palestinian dub collective Ministry of Dub-key, who are a part of the opening concert at Folketeateret, will also do a DJ-set at the opening party at Kulturhuset.

“Dub-Key” references both the dub genre and dabkeh, a form of Palestinian dance. “Ministry” points to the large, boundary-defying community they feel part of, while “Key” is a reference to the Palestinian refugees who kept the keys to the homes they were driven from in 1948. All of these things define the group from Haifa, which consists of Bruno Cruz and Walaa Sbait from 47Soul. They mix their homegrown Dabkeh Dance and Mijwiz sounds to match with the beats of hip-hop, dancehall and dembow, announcing with it, the emergence of their unique Arab-A-Dub style. Bridging the sounds and movements that connect the shores of the Caribbean with the hills of the Galilee, sound system culture meets a late night Palestinian street party – and not a beat is amiss. To experience Ministry of Dub-Key live is to join a community which is impossible to repress, from Jamaica through Palestine, into the heart of the listener.

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