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Fredrik Lavik & Kokk N Roll

Klubb på Blå

After the concerts with ISÁK & Benin International Musical at BLÅ you can hear the dj’s Johan Fredrik Lavik and Kokk N Roll play African and Latin American music.

Johan Fredrik Lavik is a legendary Norwegian record collector, dj and publisher who lives outside Helsinki in Finland. He runs the labels Afro7 and Jazzagression. In 2010, Lavik bought an enormous record collection, consisting of approximately 25.000 East African vinyl records. Since then, he has kept himself busy by cleaning, playing and sorting through them. Lavik has been a dj for 20 years, and he has played his East African singles over the entire world – but it is rare we actually get to hear him in Oslo. Don’t miss out!

Kokk N Roll actually started as a catering business at Tjuvholmen, but has gradually expanded into music. Lately, the focus has been on music from West-Africa and Latin America. He is a frequent feature in Oslos club circuit, performing in places like Blå, Jaeger, Dattera, Gaasa and Sukkerbiten. He also runs the record label Ille Bra Records, in addition to the club concept Jungelklubben at Dattera til Hagen.

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