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Thomas Strønen – Time is a blind guide feat. Prakash Sontakke & Aditya Kalyanpur

- commissioned work

Drummer and composer Thomas Strønen is among other things known for being an improviser in largely electronic settings, in bands like Food and Humcrush. In Time is a blind guide, an ensemble who was formed on BBC journalist Fiona Talkingtons invitation to her concert series Conexions, other sounds and inspirations dominate. Here, his love for the piano trio, his writing for string instruments and the drum ensemble Extended ground, which he leads at the Norwegian Academy of Music, meet. The two indian musicians Prakash Sontakke (vocals, steel guitar) and Aditya Kalyanpur (tablas) also join in. It is a large ensemble, packed with sonic possibilities, and putting a high premium on responsiveness and the ability to listen. Strønen likes working with ensembles over time, steering them in different directions, using time to create their own sound and expression. In Time is a Blind Guide, who just released their second album “Lucus” on ECM this year, several different ideas find their place. Concepts lifted from traditional japanese percussion music brush up against textures from indian music. Rhythmical nuances from different sorts of west african music meet ideas from contemporary european music. Everything is delicately and patiently done, with the drummers lifelong fascination of time -its flexibility, its many different faces – as a guiding star.

Time is a blind guide:
Ayumi Tanaka- piano
Håkon Aase- violin
Leo Svensson Sander – cello
Mats Eilertsen – bass
Thomas Strønen – drums / composer
Extended Ground drum ensemble:
Per Kamfjord – perc.
Roland Galewicz – perc.
Vegard Staum – perc.
Frank Hannasvik – perc.
Sindre Bakkåker – perc.
Jomar Søvik – perc.

In collaboration with Norges Musikkhøgskole.
With support from Norsk Kulturråd and Det norske komponistfond.

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