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Atlas Ensemble m/ Morton Zakaria og Khalid Laaouam

An evening of Gnawa at Cafeteatret

An introduction to Gnawa and a concert with Atlas Ensemble, featuring guest artists Morton Zacharia and Khalid Laaoum!

Gnawa is a central and important part of moroccan culture. The music, like the moroccan population, is a mix of african, arabic and berber music traditions. Gnawa lends from Sufi and East African traditions and is under constant development while simultaneously upholding traditions. The music involves a lot of improvisation and can easily blend with elements of jazz, reggae and blues.  A Gnawa concert is a fusion of styles, including everything from deep meditative tones to catchy dance rhythms.
Atlas Ensemble has, in recent years, become fascinated with the influence from Sudanese traditions and has been researching these roots together with guest artists Morton Zakaria and Khalid Laaouam, implementing it in the Gnawa tradition.

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