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Tropical electro futurism

The duo Cero39 has been one of the hottest electronic acts in Colombia for some years now. Their first album, “Moni Moni”, was released in 2016 after a series of smaller releases, live shows and growing recognition for their own brand of tropical electro futurism. The album did not disappoint. Noisey called it one of the best Colombian releases that year, and the duo were busy on the festival cirquit in 2017, visiting Glastonbury, among others.

They also found the time to follow up the album with an EP called “Mis Tierras Calienta”. The song “La Cura” became a success. It serves as a good introduction to their sound, which is a mix of reggaeton, dembow and hip hop, and draws inspiration from both Caribbean daily life and latin pop history.

Cero39s stature in Colombian music keeps growing while the band is busy making a name for themselves in the rest of the world. In 2018, they will be performing at festivals from South America to China. They have also made room for a gig at Oslo World, where they will play a DJ set after the concert with another big name in colombian music, Meridian Brothers.

Sponsored by the Colombian Embassy in Oslo within the Plan for the Promotion of Colombia Abroad of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia.

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