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- Big Sun

During last year’s Oslo World, Christophe Chassol performed his piece “Indiamore” on Riksscenen. The concert became one of the highlights of the festival. When he returns only a year after, it is to keep going where he left off. At the end of last years show, after he finished “Indiamore”, the audience got a taste of the sequel “Big Sun”, which he will be returning with this year.

“Big Sun” is the third piece in a trilogy of so called “Ultrascores”, where Chassol has recorded scenes from daily life in different corners of the World, which he then combs over, edits and makes music out of. Last time, we were in India. This time, in “Big Sun”, Chassol has visited the place of his birth, “Martinique”, few years after his parents perished in a tragic plane crash. He filmed and made sound recordings of the locals. Sounds from the daily life, the carnival, bird song, flutes, whistling and the ocean eventually became “Big Sun” – 70 minutes of music.

What Chassol has done with his Ultrascore trilogy is rare. His intuitive approach to a set of relatively advanced compositional techniques has brought out something in the audience. It is music that easily could have been just interesting – but through his perceptive ears and kind perspective on the people he portrays, Chassol moves the listener. No wonder he has become a much sought after collaborator for artists like Frank Ocean, Solange, Laurie Anderson, Terry Riley and Gilles Peterson, to mention a few.

There’s something exciting about ground-breaking artists. A breath of fresh air, a new lease of life, a headful of news ideas. Christophe Chassol certainly ticks all those boxes.”

The concert is a collaboration with Riksscenen.

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