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Sami electro pop with an obvious international potential

In ISÁK, Ella Marie Hætta Isaksens joik meets the electronic production of Hackney based producer Daniel Eriksen (Alan Walker, The Wombats). The trio is completed by the versatile drummer Aleksander Kostopoulos (Mari Boine, Moddi, Adjagas, Pil & Bue). The demand for them has skyrocketed the last year. They have been described as “the hottest name in Sápmi” by the Riddu Riddu festival, they won the talent show NRK Urbi and the newcomer of the year award during the Sami Music Awards 2018. It is a new way of experiencing sami music, and it is also one of the most promising norwegian electro pop acts in a long while. Their way of combining traditional joik with electronic surroundings, with lyrics in both english and sami, has an obvious international potential.  

Their sound has deep, traditional roots. Mari Boines trailblazing fusion of joik, modern art pop and electronic music is also a useful and obvious point of reference. It was only natural that ISÁK performed one of her songs when she was awarded the lifetime achievement award during this years norwegian Grammy equivalent, Spellemann.

One shouldn’t stress the “sucessor” role too much, though. ISÁK will no doubt follow their own trajectory going forward. More music is coming in the near future. At this moment, two short years after Isaksen broke through in the Sami Grand Prix competition, watching and listening to ISÁK still feels like endless possibilities.

Double billing with Benin International Musical 
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