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Trio Joubran

Ancient, virtuoso string power from a war torn area.

 Trio Joubran consists of Samir, Wissan and Adnan Joubran. Three palestinian brothers, born in Nazareth, all playing the arabic lute instrument oud. They are the fourth generation of oud players and luthier. Their father, Hatem, is known all over the arabic world for his instruments. In this generation, Wissam makes the instruments.

It was the eldest brother Samir who founded what became Trio Joubran, after hearing the legendary virtuoso guitar trio consisting of John McLaughlin, Paco De Lucia and Al Di Meola. The way that trio created universes based on different traditions, using only three nylon string guitars, is something you can still hear in the music of the three palestinian brothers. But it also comes from a different space  – from the sound of the oud, its rich musical history – and it comes from a place plagued by conflict. “People of all generations came to our concert. Our work is to give a little example of hope in the difficult situation we live in.”, Samir Joubran has said in an interview when he commented on how it is to be a musician from Palestine. On the global scene, Trio Joubran has continued to grow since they started to release music at the turn of the century. They are being recognized for what they are – a uniquely musical trio, performing music in a way that is hard to find elsewhere. At home, they are still citizens from a people living in an unbelievably difficult situations. The two halves merged earlier this year, when the trio cooperated with activist and musical legend Roger Waters on a performance of a poem by the palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish – who Trio Joubran played with before his passing.

This year’s festival is in the sign of freedom, with a special focus on Palestine. It is therefore an honor to present Trio Joubran at Oslo World for the first time, in Kulturkirken Jakob, November 3rd.


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