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Meridian Brothers

Colombian art pop

Meridian Brothers is the name Eblis Alvarez chose when he started a psychedelic solo pop project, playing and recording everything by himself. Alvarez, one of Colombias foremost experimental musicians, had studied composition at the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen when he got immersed in the music of artists like Björk, Kraftwerk and Radiohead. That influence is pretty apparent in his music, but it is also obvious that Meridian Brothers comes from a different part of the world. You can hear a deep understanding of traditional colombian music in his music, side by side with sounds hailing from past encounters between South America and the west in genres like tropicalia.

Everything is applied, layer by layer. The soundscapes are diverse – from traditional percussion and found objects, keyboards old and new and, on his last release, cello – an instrument Alvarez played for 20 years before he used it in this music. One writer from NPR compared the music of Meridian Brothers to seeing a Baroque church in the Americas: “structures that, despite belying their colonial origins in over-the-top gold ornateness, remain deeply informed by an indigenous and criollo sensibility.” The technological autonomy an artist like Alvarez enjoys in this day and age is without precedent. Live, his band of brothers translates his singular world view into a genuinely collective experience. It fills the listener with a sense of expectation of what is to come when more and more artists like Alvarez construct their own musical kaleidoscopes, filling them with old and new sounds and rhythms before giving it all a good shake.

NB: ID 20 år

Sponsored by the Colombian Embassy in Oslo within the Plan for the Promotion of Colombia Abroad of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia.

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