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- Mzansi Pride

Nakhane released his sophomore album, “You Will Not Die”, earlier this year. The artist has been openly gay since his twenties, and uses music to relay his experiences. He started out as a folk singer inn Johannesburg. But just like the british glam pop scene of the seventies – one of many things Nakhane can remind the listener of – the acoustic guitar was just a starting point. The need for a larger canvas soon appeared, and it all changed when he collaborated with house dj Black Coffee on the club hit “We dance again”. Since then, his music has become more and more ambitious. On his new album, a vast array of instruments and musical styles contribute towards the end result. In the middle of it all, Nakhane has become a charismatic, full blooded pop artist. He has also made his debut as an actor in the movie “The Wound”, which tells the story of a young gay man who, like Nakhane Toure, belongs to the xhosa people, South Africas second largest ethnic group.

The concert with Nakhane is a part of Mzansi Pride – an evening with artists from the queer South African music scene. The other artist performing at Mzansi Pride are: Nakhane, Moonchild Sanelly and the DJ-duo Jozi Nights. 

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