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Tania Saleh

A Lebanese icon at the crossroads between cultures and art forms

The Lebanese singer Tania Salah has been one of the most central artists in the Arabic underground music scene since the nineties. She has never stopped seeking new connections with countless other art forms, mixing traditional music forms with an ever expanding pallet of new impulses. She has also never stopped commenting on the political realities of Lebanon and the Arabic world through her music. Throughout her career, she has cooperated with a who’s who of Lebanese musicians, in addition to artists such as Nile Rodgers, RZA – or the Norwegian musicians Anneli Drecker and Mathias Eick, for that matter. Her connection with Norway has grown strong. She has teamed up with Norwegian label Kirkelig Kulturverksted. Last year, they released “Intersection”. It is an audiovisual experiment combining Arabic poetry, new melodies, grafitti, Arabic caligraphy and electronica. It seeks to discuss the Arabic world and its position as a crossroads between different parts of the world, different traditions and cultural impulses – and between war and peace.

Tania Salehs output is so vast and varied that it’s sometimes easy to forget the first thing you meet listening to her live or on record: a distinctive, beautiful singing voice which we will hear two times during the festival – as part of the tribute concert for Rim Banna and during her own concert at the Nobel Peace Centre.

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