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Oslo World x Jæger: Frædag

Osunlade returns to Jaeger under the Oslo World banner. His breakthrough record “Paradigm” still stands as one of the classic records in music history and inadvertently became a new archetype for House music in the late nineties.


Osunlade is an artist who personifies art. His music as well as his being creates unified melodies manifested with balance, life and wisdom. Choosing to find spiritual solace and honor his soul, he was led to Ifa, an ancestral based culture/religion based on nature, deriving from the Yoruba tribes of Africa and practiced by the slaves during the Diaspora to America, which went on to inform his approach to music over the rest of his discography, his label Yoruba records and his debut LP “Paradigm” on Soul Jazz records, still a monolith in the history of House music today.

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