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Oslo World invites you to a night full of music when Broen celebrates their new album, “Do You See The Falling Leaves?” during this year’s festival. In addition to a concert set where Broen will use the new material as a vantage point, they will meet up with a group of musicians, curated and led by Åsmund Skuterud, in a more free jam setting. The musicians in Broen enjoy loose reins – and this night promises to be a memorable, unique meeting with their ever expanding universe. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the many different facets of Broens art pop – to focus on their relentless toying around with avant rock, funk, hip hop and improvisation on their critically acclaimed Bella Union debut “I <3 Art” from 2017 and on their follow-up  “Do You See The Falling Leaves”, out 18. Oktober. There is also a lot to be said about how the different band members are part of shaping Norwegian music at the moment, how they are seemingly everywhere jazz, folk music and pop. And so on. In many ways, Broen invites the listener to pile fancy descriptions on top of even fancier descriptions –  but the music also has a palpable centre. The band looks for meaning and coexistence in a world where the individual is under pressure. Their music is, at its core, about cooperation and playful interaction. It is about looking for different, less noisy rooms. Alternative ways in which we can meet each other, as both musicians and people, than the ones on offer in today’s media landscape. It may sound like a mouthful – but all this serves to explain how the different ideas present in Broens music meet. It is about the search. The sounds we hear are the musical universes of the different members trying to find each other, again and again, without preconceived notions or prejudices. This becomes especially apparent live, where the band is concerned with the moment, rather than presenting a tight act based on how the record sounds. It has its risks, but also its rewards. Here and there, unique moments appear – belonging to no one but the musicians and those present for the concert. During the release concert for “Do You See The Falling Leaves?” at Blå, the search continues. Broen will use their fresh album as a vantage point, and their regular concert set will be followed by a jam session which will last into the small hours.

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