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Theme 2020 Solidarity
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Craca e Dani Nega (BR)

Brazilian duo mixes hip hop, electronica and rebellion

When they appear as a duo, producer Craca and vocalist Dani Nega incite rebellion on the dance floor. In addition to her presence in the Brazilian musical underground through her rap and spoken word performances, Dani Nega is a talented actress and an openly lesbian political activist, responding to what’s happening in her country with anger and engagement. Craca is a highly active visual artist when he’s not working as a producer with deep roots in Brazilian electronic music, reminiscent of both Amon Tobin and Tropicalia trailblazers like Tom Zé. His soundscapes provides a deep historical and musical backdrop for their protest music, as many faceted, vibrant and pluralistic as the society they wish to protect. At the same time, Dani Nega, through her stage presence and lyrics, makes sure that nobody present can misunderstand the message in their “poetical-political manifesto”. 

Craca e Dani Nega released their first album, Tris Device, in 2016. It was a success among critics and got the band several prestigious awards. The follow-up O Desmanche came out in 2018. The title literally means “The Breakdown”, and the album tries to come to grips with the political situation in their home country after Bolsonaro was elected. They were booked to several large Brazilian festivals like Rec-Beat, BR135, Vento and Path, and cooperated with big names in Brazilian music like Bnegão, Luedji Luna, Juçara Marçal and Ilú Obá.

This year, Oslo World has also booked Liniker, which in similar ways has put a face on a pluralistic Brazil which new, totalitarian forces wish to counteract. Brazilian artists are a natural focus point when we have chosen Utopia as a festival theme. Relatively recent cultural history showed us how a musical utopia could work, when avant garde, pop music and traditional music blended in the Tropicalia revolution. The current dangerous political situation shines a different, dystopian light on the theme. In the music of Craca e Dani Nega, these two currents meet. 

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