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Gabacho Maroc

Two vastly different examples of a rich Moroccan music tradition will be performing at Riksscenen, when Gabacho Maroc and Asmâa Hamzaoui & Bnat Timboktou visit Oslo World. 

The eight members of Gabacho Maroc come from places such as Morocco, Algeria and France. Since their album debut “Bissara” in 2014, the band has made connections between gnawa and other berbic music, but also jazz, funk and all kinds of music from other parts of the globe. They have performed several hundred concerts, and they received a nomination for best African jazz band during the All Africa Music Awards in 2015. On their sophomore album “Tawassol” from 2018, which tellingly means “connection”, they made an even bigger impact. It was on Transglobal World Music Charts list of albums of the year. Global Music Network and Norwegian music journalist Arne Berg, a big fan of the group, also picked the album out as a clear favourite.

“Tawassol” is filled to the brim with fresh ideas. A varied set of songs, showcasing a sharp horn section with strong soloists, a rhythm section where traditional and modern instruments find common ground, synthesizers, rap verses, echo drenched guitars, memorable interludes and large choruses. It can sound a bit overwhelming, but Gabacho Maroc finds a way of making it work, an inner logic which makes great music out of the creative surplus. They are fully capable of blowing minds, and they have made converts out of concert goers all over the world. New ones will definitely join the pack at Oslo World this year.  

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