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Kouame Sereba

“The Woman who Sang”. Songs and stories from a musician who brought the world to Norway.

Nordick Black Theater and Oslo World are proud to present “The Woman who sang” – a solo show with song, music and personal tales from Kouame Sereba. When Sereba was 20 years old, he began a journey he didn’t know the end to. He left Ivory Coast for Mali, Mali for Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon, The Central African Republic, Sudan Egypt and Israel. Four years later, he left Tel Aviv for Norway. That was over 30 years ago. Since then, Sereba has made his mark on Norwegian music as one of the foremost musicians living here with a different background. He has been part of the first wave of such musicians, connecting dots between African and Norwegian folk music, jazz and modern African pop which can be heard on the classic release “Fra Senegal til Setesdal” (From Senegal to Setesdal) together with Kirsten Bråten Berg, Bjørgulv Straume and Solo Cissokho. He has performed shows around the world and more than 4000 in collaboration with Concerts Norway alone.

Sereba has the following to say about “The Woman who sang”: “I am one of 11 siblings. My Mother was always busy. She left me with her singing. She sang while she worked at home, and it was the best thing that I knew of when I was a child. She didn’t necessarily sing to us or for us, she just hummed away. She seemed happy. I found safety and comfort in this. And that safety has been essential when I later travelled the world.

Kouame Sereba: Songs and storytelling / Erik Wøllo: Sound design / Helga Samset:  Script and direction / Cliff A. Moustache: Direction

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