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La Brigida Orquesta (CL)

Two strong Chilean music scenes meet in a live success story

When the Chilean eleven man orchestra La Brígida Orquesta released their first EP in 2017, things had already started to heat up, both on social media and on the concert scene in Chile. From the very beginning, the impact of the group has been out of the ordinary – in short time, Brígida Orquesta amassed a large, faithful fanbase through wild, charismatic live shows. In Chile, they have surprised many by packing several of the largest club venues in cities like Santiago, Valparaíso and Concepción. When the album “Corte Elegante” was released towards the end of last year, over a 1000 people went to the release gig at Teatro Oriente in Santiago. The huge interest, which is also felt on online, where streaming numbers both on studio material and live recordings exceed all expectations, has gotten them lucrative gigs at festivals like Imesur and Pulsar.

The band is led by pianist and composer Gabo Paillao and the vocalist/rapper Matiah Chianski. Both have a long history on the Chilean fusion scene. So does the remainder of the members, who have played in several great Chilean bands. Brígida Orquesta could be viewed as a “best of” or a cross section of what is happening on the urban jazz scene. Oslo World has kept an eye on Chile for a while. The rapper Ana Tijoux played an amazing concert here a few years back, and the Chilean hip hop scene is still growing. Brígida Orquestas genre blend represents something new – a bridge between two strong musical scenes, with more to come. The interest for the band has only grown since we got in touch with them half a year ago – by the time they reach Oslo World, they will be even higher in demand.

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