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Mon Laferte is canceling her entire European tour due to the situation in Chile.

Mon Laferte is prevented from participating in this years Oslo World. Due to the riots in Chile, she has cancelled all concert plans and returned to her home country. The statement from her management: “We have to inform you that because of the critical situation in Chile, the scheduled tour in Europe, “La Gira de Norma”, is cancelled. In the course of the next days, Mon will travel to her home country.”

“She does this to affirm her solidarity with Chile and to distance herself from the violent measures the chilean government has resorted to the last days. We are deeply sorry about this cancellation and what it entails, but we hope you understand that Mon Laferte feels that she has no other choice in this situation.”

Mon Laferte, one of the biggest alternative stars in Latin America, has long been a dream booking for Oslo World. This year, she was supposed to both participate in the opening concert “Utopian Lullabies” and play the closing concert of the festival, at Sentrum Scene, Sunday 3.11.  

We fully understand her decision. The situation in Chile is serious. A general strike has been called and the demonstrations in cities in Santiago are the biggest in years. According to the chilean human rights organization INDH, over 2400 people have been detained and over 500 have been injured as of Thursday night Norwegian time. 18 people have been killed in the biggest confrontations between the people and the police since the days of the Pinochet regime according to the official numbers from the government. 

In such a situation, Mon Laferte isn’t first and foremost an artist – she is a citizen of Chile, and that is where she needs to be. In a way, her decision confirms that she was the right choice for the beginning and ending of this years Oslo World – a festival where we try to shed lights on different voices and activists, working towards positive change in the world. 

Due to lack of time and the seriousness of the situation, Oslo World will not try to get a replacement for the scheduled show at Sentrum Scene. Mon Laferte is still our choice, and she is irreplaceable.

Statement from festival director Alexandra Archetti Stølen

“I have enormous respect for Mon Laferte. The Norma project is beautiful, and she was an obvious choice this year. I receive her message with heavy heart, but it is easy to understand as a fellow human being, as a mother, daughter and as a fellow Latin American. The situation in Chile concerns me deeply. It’s both complex and violent and the comparisons to the dictatorship in the seventies serve as a horrendous backdrop. It’s hard to believe. I hope Mon Lafertes voice will be heard. Music is a mobilizing force, it commands respect, you can make yourself heard through the banging of pots and pans or on drums. It can mobilize crowds and strengthen movements for polticial change.”

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