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A huge star will bookend Oslo World with performances this year.

Mon Laferte has said that she likes to collect impressions and put them together in new ways. That her music becomes a collage out of necessity – because that is how we live our lives. It’s not a bad place to start when describing the output from the Chilean artist who has become one of Latin America’s biggest alternative pop stars. In her music, the bolero and the other traditional music styles she grew up with and sang in bars during her teens blend with experiments from the alternative music scenes of Chile and Mexico and inspirations from theatre, fashion, visual art. Everything gravitates around Mon Lafertes charisma, her huge voice and her knack for telling a story. On record she strikes deep, meaningful chords, as a classic romantic singer. Live, she instills her performances with an irreverent sense of humor that reaches through to people. In her home country, it made her one of the biggest names in music, starting with her debut album, La Chica de Rojo, which went platinum in 2003.  

In the rest of the Latin American world, Laferte, who has been based in Mexico for most of her career as a recording artist, has sold over half a million records, she has scored several big hits, numerous nominations at the Latin American Grammys and so on. “Amárrame”, the duet she performed together with Colombian artist Juanes on the 2017 album La Trenza, won the grammy for best alternative pop song and was one of the greatest hits throughout Latin America, where she is a natural festival headliner. She has also toured extensively elsewhere, and did a set at Coachella earlier this year.

Her last album so far was released in 2018 and is called Norma. On it, she collaborated with producer  Omar Rodríguez-López, known from bands such as At the Drive-In and The Mars Volta. It was recarded live in studio with 13 musicians. An old school band sound which still finds room for earlier experiments from her career, classic soul and more modern latin pop.

At Oslo World, Mon Laferte will perform both at the opening and at the very end of the festival. She will be the final artist of the 26th edition of the festival with her large band, known to be up to every challenge she can throw at them. Laferte will also be performing during the opening show Utopian Lullabies, under the artistic direction of Rossy de Palma. She is a natural fit for a show that will center around the songs we received as kids. Mon Laferte is at a place in her career where her whole life experience shines through.

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