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MusicLab vol.4

- Utopia


Muscle music, artificial intelligence, and a human subwoofer? In our utopian edition of MusicLab you will experience truly experimental music.
The music in this session will be experimental, electronic, and bodily – coming from biophysical data, and expressed as bodily resonance. An allusion to the utopian unity that is the musical mind-body!

MusicLab is a joint project between RITMO Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Rhythm, Time and Motion, and the UiO : Universitetsbiblioteket.
In MusicLab live music and live research go hand in hand and the audience gets a stunning musical experience while at the same time contributing to open science. After the concert, you can get a peek into what really happened in your body as you listened to the music when our own Data Jockey takes over.


13:00 Welcome / Introduction

13:05 Utopian / Dystopian concert with Tejaswinee Kelkar (IN), Çağrı Erdem (TR) and Qichao Lan (CN)

13:50 Break

14:00 Intellectual warm-down with an expert panel

14:30 Data Jockeying with Tejaswinee Kelkar

15:00 End


Tejaswinee Kelkar (IN) is an experimental musician who works with classical Indian music, samples, and improvisation on harmonium, melodica, and a disembodied voice.

Çağrı Erdem (TR) works with digital musical instruments. He explores the human body as a musical interface, with a particular focus on muscle interfaces and sound-motion dynamics.

Qichao Lan (CN) is a music programmer and sonic artist, with a background in computational linguistics, electroacoustic music composition, and live coding.


For this edition of MusicLab we present a utopian panel – women only!

  • Unn Falkeid is a professor of the history of ideas. Her works mostly focus on the Renaissance and early modern Europe.
  • Tejaswinee Kelkar is an experimental musician who works with classical Indian music, samples, and improvisation on harmonium, melodica and voice. She is also a researcher and recently submitted her PhD on the role of embodiment in melodic contour. 
  • Jonna Vuoskoski is an associate professor at RITMO. Her expertise is the psychology of music, and in particular social and embodied cognition in musical contexts.

Alexander Refsum Jensenius (moderator) is a music researcher / research-musician interested in music technology and how music moves us. He is the deputy director of RITMO.

Solveig Sørbø (hostess) is a librarian at the Science Library and a musician. She is the producer of MusicLab which she initiated together with Alexander Refsum Jensenius.

Víctor González is a music researcher working in the field of human motion science. He will be collecting data from musicians and audience members and send it to DJ Tejaswinee for mixing.

If you would like to learn about how you physically react to this music and at the same time serve science, you can get in touch with Solveig Sørbø to sign up as a «guinea pig». You may also sign up in the door 15 minutes before the event.

Contact info: / 45095002

Information for research subjects:
​The event will be filmed. Read more about this here:


Event photos:
Sophie Barth / UiO
Simen Kjellin /UiO

More info:

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