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Sara Correia (PT)

The future of fado

When the Portuguese singer Sara Correia released her debut album in 2018, she was allready one of the most promising fado singers in Portugal. She grew up with the music, there are several fadistas in her family and throughout her childhood, she sang regularly at several of the biggest fado houses in Lisbon. Ever since she sang at the famed festival Grande Noite do Fado de Lisboa and won the prestigious singing contest there as a thirteen year old, she has been absolutely sure that this is her life. She has developed an intens an forceful way of singing and has learnt from some of the best practitioners of the tradition, such as Celeste Rodrigues, Jorge Fernando and Maria da Nazaré. The way she has immersed her in the traditions while evolving as an artists has made the large fado audience of Portugal take notice. She has drawn interest from film directors like the French Joel Santon, who used her music and Diogo Soares Silva, who cast her in the film “Alfama em Si”, where she plays a singer. With this background, there were a lot of expectations connected with the debut album, but Correia has dealt with it with the same kind of poise and assuredness that has characterized the rest of her career thus far. She works with some of the most promising young Portuguese musicians, and is one of Universal Musics priorities in Portugal. She has allready won over Portugals fado audience. When Sara Correia visits Oslo, we will hear an artist who is ready to take on the rest of the world.

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