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Film – A Punk Day Dream

Broken homes, poverty and corruption: This is what the punk rocker Eka and his friends Kempot and Edo reflect on in their search for meaning in the society they live in. Not only are they punk rockers, but they are so in Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim country. Here, their way of thinking and behaving are even more on the edge compared to what has been established in Western countries.

Part of the feeling of being an outsider in a community has to do with punks having tattoos and piercings on their face, the reason why Eka gets kicked out from home. The film’s other main track concern another group of facial ornaments – the local indigenous tribes. They struggle to maintain their traditional way of life and identity, and they are losing more and more of their habitat into the claws of capitalism.

A punk Daydream – Lamunan Oi! is a beautiful, lingering and often touching film that alternates between the punks of the Jakarta slum and the tribes of the Jungle. It connects the stigma around tattoos the two groups have been exposed to in Indonesia and gives us the opportunity to reflect on what it means to seek freedom and identity, and to belong to a place. It is also about our spiritual connection to the earth through music, be it punk or the traditional experimental music of the tribes.

Jimmy hendrickx (b.1979) is a Belgian director and actor. He has made several short films and documentaries in the past that have been well received, including A Hong Kong Opera (2014). He has developed A Punk Daydream over many years, and the film had its premiere at the Rotterdam Film festival in January this year.

In collaboration with Film fra Sør and VEGA SCENE.

A Punk Daydream – Lamunan oi!
Belgia, Indonesia 2019
75 min
Director: Jimmy Hendrickx
Language: Indonesian
Subtitles: English

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