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Children’s Art Exploration Days

Children’s Art Exploration Days was organized by Concerts Norway for the first time in 1998, as part of Oslo World. Since then it has been an annual and indispensable part of the festival – all the people who visit Grønland Culture Station help to make our universe much larger, and our connection to the city much closer than it had been otherwise. In 2018, Oslo World took over the responsibility of organizing the Children’s festival in Oslo, as well as the coordination of the network of events around the country. Children’s Art Exploration Days has also spread to several places in Norway and was last year organized in 16 different municipalities in Norway.

Every year during Oslo World we organize Children’s Art Exploration Days at Grønland Culture Station. A free of charge family festival where children and adults can experience cultural expressions and taste food from all over the world. The whole of Grønland Cultural Station, as well as the backyard of Asylet is filled with experiences – food from multiple countries, dancing, theater and concert experiences. All the way children and adults are invited to participate – to try instruments you may never have seen before and make food you have never tasted. In the busy bazaar there is life and music, the clowns tumble around with big smiles and warm hearts, and suddenly a band pops up and plays a concert in the strangest place.

Children’s Art Exploration Days 2020:

Children’s Art Exploration Days in Oslo are supposed to take place on October 24th – October 25th at Grønland Culture Station. Due to COVID-19 we have to look at optional solutions and will get back with more information regarding the event as soon as possible.

More info and program:

Arranged by Oslo World, OM; Interkulturelt museum and Oslo kulturskole.

Children’s Art Exploration Days in Norway 2020 (many dates have been cancelled due to COVID-19):

March 9th: Larvik 

March 16th: Stavanger

April 27th: Tynset

May 4th: Oppdal

May 11th: Hammerfest

May 25th: Fredrikstad

June 15th: Finnsnes

August 31st: Halden

September 14th: Grimstad

September 21st: Ås

October 12th: Asker

October 27th: Trondheim

November 2nd: Skien

November 17th: Hardanger

November 23rd: Førde

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