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Freedom to resist

Film- and photo installation + talk
It seems that corruption and repression are two common characteristics of Latin American politics, regardless political orientation. Resisting the status quo has been, and still is, a reason to […] More >

Meridian Brothers (CO)

Colombian art pop
Meridian Brothers is the name Eblis Alvarez chose when he started a psychedelic solo pop project, playing and recording everything by himself. Alvarez, one of Colombias foremost experimental musicians, […] More >

Cero39 (CO)

Tropical electro futurism
The duo Cero39 has been one of the hottest electronic acts in Colombia for some years now. Their first album, “Moni Moni”, was released in 2016 after a series […] More >

Sidestepper (CO)

Dancy electro cumbia from Colombia
Imagine yourself dancing atop a colourful riverboat, floating along Colombias lush riverbanks. A fruity drink in your hand, a warm breeze caressing your hair and a big grin on […] More >

Puerto Candelaria (CO)

Rebels of cumbia
Unlike many others, Puerto Candelaria doesn’t try to hide the fact that music is an act. Although it’s easy to get fooled, in no way is it so that […] More >

Witchtrap (CO)

Even though the bulging North-American metal scene gets most of the attention, one should be careful to forget that hordes of excellent extreme metal bands that also exist south […] More >