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Theme 2020 Solidarity
New webside and festival program coming in september
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Chancha Via Circuito (AR)

- Hypnotical digicumbia with the jungle’s beating heart
The soft-spoken tend to have more to tell. Among the three artists who will perform at ZZK Records’ label night during this year’s festival – Nicola Cruz, Miss Bolivia […] More >

Alo Wala (US/IN/DK)

- the greatest battlefield is the dance floor
Shivani Ahlowalia doesn’t rap, she exhorts. “The difference between being able to sing, and having a voice: perspective,” she claimed in an interview with Vice last fall. Thus is […] More >

Batida (PT/AO)

Club music that’s scouring the history books
You can’t escape the past. The Portuguese authorities have tried, though, as they have more or less slumped significant parts of the black community together in the outskirts of […] More >

Chico Trujillo (CL)

Cumbia chilombiana 
Chico Trujillo are punks at the depths of their hearts. That may not much sense at first glance, because there seems to be a great divide between the fierce, […] More >

Dead Combo (PT)

– visual spaghetti fado
To avoid further confusion: There are two bands called Dead Combo. One is from Finland and plays “raw electro-punk”. The other is a Portuguese duo playing instrumental music which […] More >

Fatima (SE/UK)

Fatima and the Eglo Live Band
Fatima er en svenskfødt, UK-basert vokalist og en av få artister på Eglo Records – labelet til Alexander Nut fra Rinse og Floating Points, som gjestet Jaeger under årets […] More >