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Theme 2020 Solidarity
New webside and festival program coming in september
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Gabacho Maroc

Two vastly different examples of a rich Moroccan music tradition will be performing at Riksscenen, when Gabacho Maroc and Asmâa Hamzaoui & Bnat Timboktou visit Oslo World.  The eight members of Gabacho […] More >

Orchestre National de Barbès (FR/MA/DZ)

Pop music from little Algeria in Paris
Orchestre National de Barbès gets their name from the area around the metro station Barbès-Rochechouart in Paris – home to many algerian expats. It is a place where north […] More >

Ibeyi (CU/FR)

Intimate explosions.
Music is identity – in it, we find the freedom to change it, to question it, to embrace and to defend it. In times marked by brutal political shifts, […] More >

Chassol (FR)

- Big Sun
During last year’s Oslo World, Christophe Chassol performed his piece “Indiamore” on Riksscenen. The concert became one of the highlights of the festival. When he returns only a year […] More >

Silvia Perez Cruz (ES)

- katalansk historieforteller
Den fantastiske katalanske sangerinnen Sílvia Pérez Cruz er i ferd med å nå et nytt vendepunkt i sin karriere. Hun har gjort seg kjent i jazz, fado og flamencokretser, […] More >