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Majãz (SY/NO)

- OkWorld label release
The concert is a part of the release of Jazzland’s new label OkWorld, at Victoria Nasjonale Jazzscene – read more about the event here! Majãz is a project consisting […] More >

Bixiga 70 (BR)

Groundbreaking and catchy brazilian big band
A curious, but welcomed development in today’s music scene is that the large ensemble by no means is obsolete, in spite of obvious economical obstacles. Few things are more […] More >

The Stanley Clarke Band (US)

Fusion jazz legend
Since working alongside Chick Corea in the jazz fusion group Return to Forever, Stanley Clarke has played an important role in fusion jazz.  As a bass player he is […] More >

Xylouris White (GR/AU)

Mysterious perfection
The mixture of the two musicians in Xylouris White is as unlikely and unexpected as it is unique. Their geographical background is not always so apparent as they are […] More >

Madame Gandhi (US/IN)

The future is female! - Double concert with Øyunn
Kiran Gandhi – better known as Madame Gandhi – dreams of a better world. That is of course something most of us do, but only a few try to […] More >

Hello Psychaleppo! (SY)

- Beirut & Beyond
Where do you head to when your entire homeland is on fire, and the light at the end of the tunnel gets weaker with each passing day? Like many […] More >