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Theme 2020 Solidarity
New webside and festival program coming in september
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Spoek Mathambo (ZA)

Township tech from South-African rapper and producer
Spoek Mathambo recently released his first solo album in five years, but the producer, songwriter, designer, filmmaker and rapper has been a very active and acknowledged part of the […] More >


A soulful mix of genres from an ambassadour of new, Brazilian music
There’s something seductive and wonderfully relaxed about Céus music; her pristine voice meandering over a blend of electronica and samba with a hint of reggae and dub lurking under […] More >

Sidestepper (CO)

Dancy electro cumbia from Colombia
Imagine yourself dancing atop a colourful riverboat, floating along Colombias lush riverbanks. A fruity drink in your hand, a warm breeze caressing your hair and a big grin on […] More >

Tumi aka Stogie T (ZA)

Rigid cigarsmoking funk-jazz twist
The everchanging but always exceptional Tumi Molekane in his new persona, Stogie T. Tumi Molekane has played the festival before together with his band Tumi & The Volume in […] More >

Adam Ezzari (NO)

Young, sensitive and angry
It must be hard to be a teenager in today’s society. Performance pressure – born out of an individualistic culture that, paradoxically, expects everyone to be world champions – […] More >

Igor and the Union of Cousins (NO, BA)

Playful and satirical folk music
Seven cousins ​​who are not cousins: Igor & Fetterforeningen (Igor & the Cousin Union) are not connected by blood, but through their common love for the silliest aspects of […] More >