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Different tasks

This is the different tasks we need help with:


Artist contact – what do they do?
As an artist contact you are responsible for making the musicians stay as pleasant as possible, and making sure that they are at the right place at the right time. This job requires that you can work during the day and into the evening on the concert day. We also require that you have worked for the festival at least once before.
When: Day and evening. During the festival.


Tusler (venue assistant) – what do they do?
We have venue contacts at almost all the venues. They are responsible for making sure that everything goes as it should. For making this job as smoothly as possible they need an assistant – what we like to call tusler.
When: Day and evening. During the festival.


Hosts – what do they do?
This applies primarily for the opening- and closing concerts. Here we need volunteers to hand out programs, welcome the guests, guide the audience to their seats, help out with the guest lists and also be available for any questions from the audience.
When: First and last day of the festival.


Stand – what do they do?
There will be a stand for selling merchandise at each of the venues during the festival. We need your help to provide the audience with flyer and programs and to sell our tote bags etc. and the artists merchandise. Also help the audience with any questions they might have. It is important that the volunteers that work here is up to date on the festival program, and that you are service minded.
When: Day or evening. During the festival.


Guest list – what do they do?
Both before and during some of the concerts we need help to check the tickets and/or the guest lists in the door of the venue.
When: Evening. During the festival.


Children’s Art Exploration (children’s festival) – what do they do?
We need volunteers here to help out with creating the decorations as well as decorating the venues, security and rigging. We also need hosts and drivers. Most of the shifts are during the day both in the weekdays and weekends. If you are a creative soul we also need help with creating the decorations. We need help with both decorations and rigging.
When:  Day and evening. Both before and during the festival.


Distribution/Marketing – what do they do?
Visibility in the city is crucial for the festival. The festival catalos, flyers and posters most be distributed out and about in Oslo – at cafes, shops, museums, clubs, universities and so on. The festival staff will give you a specific route that you either alone or with a friend must cover.
When: Before and some during the festival.


Drivers – what do they do?
We need volunteers who can drive artists, equipment and other stuff locally in Oslo. The festival has rented 9-seated cars, which we will use. It is important that you consider yourself as a safe driver and that you are able to manoeuvre a 9-seater.
When: Day and night. During the festival.

House crew – what do they do?
We need volunteers who can help transform some of our venues. Also be the host and sell merchandise. Important to be available two of four days (Thursday to Sunday)
When: Day and night. During the festival.

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