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Tema 2020 Solidaritet
Ny webside og nytt festivalprogram kommer i september

Observatoriet x Oslo World

Once a month the basement at Riksscenen is transformed into a club universe of pulsating soundscapes, where musicians from various fiends improvise unheard dance music together. 3 rooms with installations, dance performance, video art, DJ’s, food and an amazing lineup of musicians. Come dance, listen or meditate!

Lineup November 1st
// Feature artists: Bafana Nhlapo, Nora Yuyue Zheng, Hans P. Kjorstad, Henrik M. Nørstebø, Karl Seglem // Live beats: Øystein Aarnes Vik, Bacary Sanga, Åsmund Skuterud // Host bar room: Solveig Wang // Performers: Fredrik Høstaker, Mathilde Øverland // Space room design: Joanna Chia-Yu Lin.

22:00 Feature set
23:00-03:00 Club sets

#3 // Now to the dark side of the valley, full on party in the underworld! Ibiza gone wrong. Spinning around the camp fire, chanting aloud with wild shadows from the flames and the sound of an orchestra going downhill. Them lights be blinkin’, entering the next level, Karl Seglem on a subbass-ox-horn(!).. all pushed to the max. More musicians appear and, well.. there’s a certain freedom in letting go, the perfect dose of no clue, more is more ftw!

OBSERVATORIET // Returning to the early traditions where the musicians kept the dance parties alive throughout the night. All 100% live and without use of loops or sequencers. Club concept and artist collective.

Yes: All bodies, colour, religious, styles, languages
Yes: All gender and sexual orientations
Yes: Be caring to each other

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